Electric Folding Kayak combines portability and utility for enhanced user experience

Last month we launched a promotion highlighting a kayak packaged with our ElectraFin drive system. This was not just any old kayak but a lightweight folding kayak manufactured in San Francisco by late stage startup, Oru Kayak

We first tried an Oru Kayak in Seattle's Lake Union a few years back and were impressed with the design and functionality. The flat bottom section of the Oru Kayak provides an ideal mounting location for the ElectraFin Stick-on fin box, which uses VHB pressure sensitive adhesive to securely fasten to the bottom of the kayak. Installation is quick and easy and everything needed to attach your ElectraFin is included in this specially designed kit:

The result of this Made in America combo package is the lightest electric kayak in production which provides users with these key benefits:

1)      Lightweight and portable. 44 lbs complete. OruKayak Bay+ is 28 lbs. ElectraFin is 16 lbs. Two kayaks and drive systems can fit in the trunk of a compact car. 

2)      Fast Setup. Kayak is setup within minutes and the ElectraFin can be attached in less than a minute for most users.

3)      Hybrid System. Paddle as little or as much as you want. Just like an electric bike allows you to bike more, you are able to spend more time on the water doing more activities.

4)      Evens out the playing field. Experienced paddlers and novice paddlers can go together and travel at a speed comfortable for both.

5)      Reduced boundaries. Windy days don’t stand in your way, and the Oru Kayak cuts through chop and tough conditions. 

6)      Carry more gear: Carrying heavier and cumbersome gear is made easier with propulsion.

7)      Stability. The fin increases the stability by acting as a keel and the inherent stability of the Oru Kayak makes for a highly stable ride. The battery mounts low inside of the hull.

To learn more, be sure to check out the introduction and installation videos below or reach out to us with any questions at 1-800-686-8592 or email us at sales@currentdrives.com