Why standup paddle board?

Summer is just around the corner and chances are, if you live even remotely close to some sort of body of water, you’ve heard of the growing craze of Stand Up Paddleboarding or “SUP” as it is often referred to in the industry.  Water sports and activities are no longer restricted to traditional boaters and yachters, and SUP is one of the many ways to branch out.

SUP is an easy, cost-efficient way to participate in a variety of activities.  Unlike boating that is often restricted to larger bodies of water, paddleboards can be taken anywhere.  With boating there is a process of getting the trailer hitched up, launching, finding a place that is big enough yet not too crowded.  With SUP, it’s simply grab and go - all you need is a paddle and board.  This is a great way to experience diverse water activities from home on a regular basis or to take on weekend camping trips.  Whether you prefer cruising with your SUP buddy (attachable beer holder), SUP yoga, fishing, racing, or the entertainment of a motorized paddle board, there are options for all needs and interests.

If you’re still questioning portability - yes, they are bulky enough that chances are they won’t fit in the trunk of your sedan.  However, roof racks are inexpensive and easy to install.  Another option, is now inflatable SUP’s.  These boards collapse down to the size of a large backpack that are easily transported in the trunk of a car.  To use, pull out a pump and fill with air, and you’re set.  Whichever board you find yourself drawn to, Stand Up Paddleboarding is the perfect activity to add to your summer.