Lets Flex!

When you hear the word “Flex”, the first image that comes to mind might be some grunting bro sitting in front of a mirror at a gym, wearing a ripped tank top flexing in the mirror. No one wants to see that, bro! That being said, when Current Drives hears “Flex” we think “to flex and adapt to any situation”.

If you are not familiar with Current drives, we offer the Electra which is the first universal conversion kit to turn any normal standup paddle board into an electrically assisted paddle board. The point of this is to fight currents, strong head winds or go further and faster on your clean, silent, and electric paddle board.

Now, let’s go back to flexing. Here at Current Drives we wanted to make our Electrafin faster and more efficient. We wanted the ElectraFin to adapt and Flex to the users needs. Our solution was to literally make the Electrafin Flex! Well, kind of. Current Drives created a new advanced prop that can fold or collapse its blades, making it much more hydro dynamic. When the ElectraFin is off, or at a low speed, the new prop will fold back, causing a significant reduction in resistance compared to a standard fixed prop. As the speed is increased on the ElectraFin, the centrifugal force acting on the prop causes the blades to open up.

Basically what this all means is the new ElectraFin prop can flex and adapt to you - the paddler! When you want to turn off the ElectraFin and go on your own strength, the prop will fold in, resulting in less drag. When you want the Electrafin’s help, just increase the speed and the prop will open up and push you along your merry way.

If you are interested in finding out more about our new flexing prop, go to our website where you can learn more and purchase.