Have you wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding but convinced yourself you don’t have the balance or it’s a “young persons” sport? Don’t get stuck on the shore! There are amazing health benefits to stand-up paddle boarding and the Huey Inflatable is the perfect place to start. The Huey’s dimensions give users an easy platform to strengthen core and balance.
Stand-Up paddle boarding provides a great full body workout and targets your core, leading to improved health and well being by:

  • Alleviating Back Pain: Strong core muscles decrease risk of back ache or injury. A strong core will mimic a brace and stabilize and support your spine.
  • Improving Posture: Poor core strength leaves your skeleton lacking support resulting in your chest and gut to slump and fall forward. A strong core aligns your muscles and limbs resulting in better posture as well as helping to open your airways so you can breath easier!
  • Increasing Stamina: With a strong core you can continue to enjoy doing the things you love and try new activities you never thought you could do. Tasks like gardening which require bending down, digging, kneeling and carrying equipment only become easier the more you focus on your core. Because your core supports your movements, a stronger core leads to easier mobility. 
  • Improving Balance: Your center of gravity stems from your core. A strong core reduces the risk of falling and enhances your body awareness. Walking on an uneven sidewalk or hiking on loose gravel is made easier when your limps are stabilized from your strong core.
Not only will the Huey Inflatable Paddleboard workout your core and help you find a fun way to exercise it will also be the perfect tool for when you want to take it a step further whether it be yoga or white water paddle boarding. Remember to always wear a personal flotation device and a safety whistle.  The 14 D rings on the board are ideal for attaching resistance bands for yoga or tie downs for fishing excursions.

Beginners can paddle sitting down or on their knees, lowering their center of gravity, making it easier to balance. At 34'' wide the Huey is extremely stable for beginners, or experienced paddlers with furry friends! 

Happy paddling!