Just like the Samsung lithium battery pack used in the ElectraFin, solar energy technologies have matured in recent years and can help you extend your time on the water and more easily replace conventional gas boat motors. With the expansion of solar technology for charging portable electronics we have also seen a huge influx of mobile solar charging devices which utilize folding and thin film roll-up solar cells. The efficiency of solar cells (the ratio of electrical output from the solar cell to the amount of solar energy the cell is exposed to) has also been steadily increasing. This allows users to reduce the footprint of their solar system while still obtaining the same power production as before. The ElectraFin solar charging kit is a plug and play solar charger which uses highly efficient and compact solar cells configured into a foldable travel kit. Each kit is comprised of 8 mono crystalline silicone cells which are wired together to output up to 45 watts of power to charge the 16.8 volt ElectraFin battery pack.

When considering if solar power is right for you and your ElectraFin kit, keep these things in mind:

  • Solar panels need full sunlight to work at peak performance. A shadow from your paddle, body, or SUP PUP will reduce its efficiency even if only a small portion of the solar cells are shaded.
  • Current Drives recommends only using the solar panel while the ElectraFin system is not being operated and away from any bodies of water to protect the user and system from electrical shorts.
  • The 430 watt hour ElectraFin battery pack can take up to 10 hours in full sun to recharge after being completely drained. Alternatively if you only go out and use the ElectraFin for one hour, the solar panel can fully top off the battery in 2-3 hours!

Solar power is an environmentally friendly and fun way to charge up your ElectraFin battery pack, but it can also be really useful when camping or spending time in areas without easy access to a power outlet; A win-win for the environment and the user.  With solar energy and lithium battery systems you can now have a lightweight and highly efficient motorized personal watercraft that is easy on the environment and your pocket book.