Get Paddle Assistand get going with the ElectraFin®

You don’t have to choose between a conventional motor boat or paddle only watercraft any longer. With the ElectraFin® you can have a lightweight personal powered watercraft that doubles as a human electric hybrid. The ElectraFin® is not a replacement for paddling, but a complementary addition to any paddler’s arsenal.

Let’s first consider common challenges with conventional paddle boards. The difficulty of paddling over long distances, through windy or rough conditions can be discouraging for most. It is difficult for those not physically capable and inexperienced to get out and enjoy a touring experience and it can be frustrating for experienced and strong paddlers to go out with their loved ones/friends that have a hard time keeping up. Carrying gear for camping or fishing, doggies, and other passengers makes paddling much more challenging. Paddling is not as easy as it looks but it can be a rewarding experience to go places and get a great workout. You can also get a complete water experience without the hassle of the expenses and logistics of a full blown motor boat or PWC.

Motor/power boats sit at the other end of the spectrum of convenience and expense. Motor boats require fuel, maintenance, storage, trailers, and a convenient boat launch location making access challenging for most. They generally go fast and can travel many miles on a single tank of gas. There is a lot of convenience and enjoyment for users, however the financial burden of purchase and ownership can dissuade all but the full blown hobbyist and fisherman. You cannot get exercise with this option, and conventional power boats are responsible for point source pollution in waterways, causing damage to human health and the environment.  

The same comparison can be made between conventional automobiles and bicycles. One option is low cost, efficient, for shorter trips and easy to own and operate (until you run into a hill, windy conditions, etc!) and the other is expensive to own and operate, fast, longer range, polluting and convenient (until you try and park for dinner on a Friday night!)

Photo Credit: StandUp PaddleBoard World

With the ElectraFin® you don’t have to choose. Just like an Electric Bicycle bridges the gap between car and bike, the ElectraFin® allows you to have a human electric hybrid watercraft with the convenience of motor power without the financial and environmental burden associated with motor boats. You can paddle as much as you want, or use the power system, interchangeably or at the same time. We don’t promote being lazy, we promote being in the outdoors with paddle power and silent electric motor power when you want it. We think having an electric boost makes it that much more fun to keep paddling day in and day out, through wind, with your family and favorite dog pals or for fishing and getting places.

Paddle Assist™ Benefits:  

On SUP’s it is easier to stand with momentum. For new and experienced paddlers it can be challenging to maintain balance when not moving, with the ElectraFin® you can keep a more consistent speed.

  • You can optimize power consumption to match the speed of other paddlers in your group. Select any speed from 0-100% on the wireless remote. Being able to dial in the power assistance level allows users to match the speed of other paddlers in their group exactly.
  • For tour rentals and new paddlers, having power assist allows you to travel much further and see more in the limited tour rental period.
  • Fisherman can be challenged when trying to maintain position in a waterway, and they miss out on many fishing activities because of distance to destination and power requirements. With the ElectraFin® you can troll for fish and have an easier time hauling back that big catch!
  • Flexible and easy to remove. You can have an electric paddle board one day for cruising, paddle and use power simultaneously for another or you can have a paddle only paddleboard the next by removing the ElectraFin® (in under a minute for most users)!
  • Wind gusts and tough water conditions are a hurdle that power can help overcome.