You Won't Believe What One Brave Paddle Boarder Plans To Do!

paddle boardAccording to Discovery News, one brave soul plans to paddle across the Atlantic ocean on a stand up paddle board. He has mapped out a route that will take him on a nearly 75 day transatlantic journey from the shores of Africa all the way to the French island of Martinique in North America.

Who dares to attempt this feat? Meet Nicolas Jarossay: a French watersportsman with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. He describes himself as an experienced firefighter and lifeguard with a background in water sports and windsurfing. From the moment he discovered stand up paddle boarding, the activity became a true passion.

About 39% of paddlers say they like stand up paddle boarding for the adventure, but Nicolas takes it to the next level. Jarossay plans to complete the 5000 kilometer journey on his specially designed paddle board. This isn't like your typical inflatable stand up paddle boards; his prototype is custom made and weighs over 130 pounds. He’s fashioned the vessel with some atypical paddle boarding equipment, like a manual onboard desalinator to convert the ocean water into drinking water. He’s also equipped his board with a watertight compartment for basic storage and that doubles as a shelter if needed.

Although 2.8 million Americans enjoyed stand up paddle boarding in 2014, Jarossay plans to be the first man to cross the Atlantic ocean by paddle board. In a recent interview, he stated, "I have always said that one day I would make a sea crossing, that I would take off for a while and do something special. In the past six years that I have been practicing [stand up paddle boarding], I have always loved unique challenges. The Atlantic crossing is definitely a unique one as it will be a World's first attempt. I'm already proud to train on my prototype which is the first 'liveable' SUP in the world!"

Although many people do not take it to such an extreme, stand up paddle boarding has gained incredible popularity as both a recreational activity and a sport, with over two-thirds of paddle boarders saying they participate as a means of exercise.

After two and a half months of paddling, Nicolas is sure to be in the best shape of his life. He plans to leave in January of 2016. Good luck to you, Nicolas!