The Electrafin saved my honeymoon!

There I was, sitting in the middle of Lake Tahoe on a paddleboard, gasping for a breath, and I was unable to paddle my beautiful wife back to where we started.

Let’s back up a little…

My beautiful new wife and I just arrived in Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon. My wife has visited Tahoe many times before, and had a week full of activities planned for us. Our first morning there we decided to go to Meeks Bay and paddleboard around.

When I woke up that morning I noticed I was having a slight problem breathing. Lake Tahoe is 5000 ft. above my natural elevation, so the air felt a bit thinner up there.  I chose not to mention it.  So we packed up our beach gear and headed out to Meeks Bay.

Meeks Bay in Lake Tahoe must be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The beach was made of this perfect sand, and I have never seen clearer water. After unloading all our beach stuff,  I again noticed I was struggling to breathe, and again I chose not to mention anything.

So our spot on the beach is all setup, and we have this paddleboard. My wife and I jumped onto the paddleboard and set off around the lake to look at all the cool rock formations and the amazing houses.

At one point I found a really beautiful area to go swimming, and I decided to dive in and look around. The water was so clear that you could see forever underwater! I'm not sure if it was the temperature or the elevation, but I noticed I could not hold my breath underwater as long as usual. All of a sudden, after swimming for several minutes, I could not breathe, and I just latched onto the side of the paddleboard and gasped for air.

My wife and I were 20-30 minutes away from our beach spot at Meeks Bay, and I was in no shape to get us back there. But that was no problem, because thankfully we had a secret weapon!  I climbed up onto the paddleboard, made sure my wife was settled in and hit the power on my ElectraFin.

The ElectraFin® is an Electric motor system made by Current Drives that can mount on any paddleboard. The motor can propel you along at a max speed of 5mph for 2 hours. With the ElectraFin® mounted on the back of my board, I knew we were going to be able to get home safe and sound.

A little while later we arrived back at the beach, and because the ElectraFin® did all the work getting us back, I was able to catch my breath and relax. I really don't know how we would have gotten back without the ElectraFin®, and I'm eternally grateful to Current Drives. I love the ElectraFin® because it provides me the assurance to know I will always be able to get home safely.