May 04, 2015


Have you wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding but convinced yourself you don’t have the balance or it’s a “young persons” sport? Don’t get stuck on the shore! There are amazing health benefits to stand-up paddle boarding and the Huey Inflatable is the perfect place to start. The Huey’s dimensions give users an easy platform to strengthen core and balance.
Stand-Up paddle boarding provides a great full body workout and targets your core, leading to improved health and well being by:

  • Alleviating Back Pain: Strong core muscles decrease risk of back ache or injury. A strong core will mimic a brace and stabilize and support your spine.
  • Improving Posture: Poor core strength leaves your skeleton lacking support resulting in your chest and gut to slump and fall forward. A strong core aligns your muscles and limbs resulting in better posture as well as helping to open your airways so you can breath easier!
  • Increasing Stamina: With a strong core you can continue to enjoy doing the things you love and try new activities you never thought you could do. Tasks like gardening which require bending down, digging, kneeling and carrying equipment only become easier the more you focus on your core. Because your core supports your movements, a stronger core leads to easier mobility. 
  • Improving Balance: Your center of gravity stems from your core. A strong core reduces the risk of falling and enhances your body awareness. Walking on an uneven sidewalk or hiking on loose gravel is made easier when your limps are stabilized from your strong core.
Not only will the Huey Inflatable Paddleboard workout your core and help you find a fun way to exercise it will also be the perfect tool for when you want to take it a step further whether it be yoga or white water paddle boarding. Remember to always wear a personal flotation device and a safety whistle.  The 14 D rings on the board are ideal for attaching resistance bands for yoga or tie downs for fishing excursions.

Beginners can paddle sitting down or on their knees, lowering their center of gravity, making it easier to balance. At 34'' wide the Huey is extremely stable for beginners, or experienced paddlers with furry friends! 

Happy paddling! 
May 04, 2015


When we developed the ElectraFin™ we kept the environment and water quality in mind. We carefully chose renewable materials and created a design that protected marine life.

Paddleboarding with the zero emission ElectraFin on the Eel River in Humboldt County. Many local residents' drinking water comes from the Eel River and is a spawning ground for Steelhead and Salmon.

5 environmentally friendly features of the ElectraFin™

  • The ElectraFin™ is a zero emission propulsion system! After four refills to a conventional trolling motor gas tank, 20 pounds of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. The ElectraFin uses electricity which emits zero pounds of CO2!
  •  The ElectraFin uses Lithium Ion batteries which are; landfill safe, recyclable and non-corrosive.
  • The prop guard protects marine life by acting as a protective barrier from the spinning propeller. With the ElectraFin you can paddle over coral reefs, and schools of fish without harming the underwater environment!
  • ElectraFins are built in the United States, reducing the products carbon footprint!
  • The ElectraFin is made from the long lasting recyclable material.
April 17, 2015


Stand-up paddle boarding is quickly catching on with first-time participants. The Outdoor Foundation's 2013 Outdoor Participation Report listed SUP as the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants. 

There are many levels of SUPing allowing anyone to easily pick up the sport. You can experience a range of SUP from paddling on flat water or catching waves to even doing yoga work-outs on the board. 

SUP rentals has helped increase the popularity of the sport . You can find paddle board rentals almost anywhere near bodies of water. Rentals are a great way to try out the sport and avoid the hassle of storing the boards which can reach heights of 13 feet (imagine trying to find a spot for that in your apartment or carrying a SUP up a spiral staircase... "PIVOT")! But the drawbacks of renting a paddle board are only being able to rent during business hours and spring and summer seasons, the cost, time-limits, waiting-lists during peak SUP hours, and restrictions on where you are allowed to paddle.

So what if you could own your own SUP? What if storing a SUP would be as easy as storing your shoes? What if you could travel on a plane with SUP with zero hassle or oversize baggage fees? What if you could ride a bike and transport a 11'6" SUP? What if you could go night paddle boarding with your friends?

Inflatable SUPing may be the perfect solution to owning your own SUP!

The lightweight, easy to carry, easy to transport and easy store inflatable SUPs are filled with awesome features!

  • Transporting: Because inflatable SUPs can be deflated and stored in a carrying backpack you can take your board anywhere! No need to buy an expensive car rack or pay an oversize baggage fee on airplanes. Just put the carrying backpack on and hike or bike to your secret water oasis!
  • Storage: Store your inflatable SUP in your closet, under your bed or keep it in your car trunk for spur of the moment paddling session. Inflatable SUPs are perfect for boats and small living spaces with limited storage. It's hard to find another watercraft that you can fit TWO in a Fiat 500 trunk!
  • Rigidity and Buoyancy: Current Drives, Huey Inflatable SUPs are made with high-end drop stitch material with 1000D military PVC and are 6" thick. Meaning, you'll feel like your standing on a strong solid board.
  • Stability: Because Current Drives inflatable SUPs are made 6" think and 34" wide, you can store all your gear and step on and off the board with ease. For those who are looking to fish of your board, improve balance, do Yoga & Pilates, ride with multiple friends or pet on board, and use the inflatable SUP as a dinghy for your boat without the fear of falling off, the Currrent Drives SUP are just what you're looking for! 
  • Long Lasting: Because inflatable SUPs are made with high-resistant material you can expect to enjoy your inflatable SUP for a long time with proper care!
  • Price: You can buy TWO Current Drives Inflatable SUPs for the price of one non-inflatable SUP!