A Fully Integrated Motorized Stand-up Paddleboard

ESUP™ by Current Drives is a zero-emission, all inclusive motorized stand-up paddle board designed to tackle strong currents, wind, fatigue and doldrums. Bring the ESUP on your next adventure and experience a longer, faster and more exciting ride! 

Compact Design


 Remove the ElectraFin and deflate and fold the inflatable stand-up paddleboard into the convenient carrying backpack. The entire system is easy to transport and store. Keep it in the trunk of your car for whenever adventure is calling.

Benefits of the ESUP™


  • Travel through tough current and wind.
  • Conserve energy.
  • Go further and explore more.
  • Get there faster.
  • Add excitement to paddleboarding.
  • Allows users to keep up with others.
  • Travel upstream.
  • Because the ESUP™ is electric and has zero emissions, the ESUP™ can be used in bodies of water that have banned gas powered watercrafts.
  • Paddle through tough conditions to reach calmer waters.
  • Take your ESUP™ on your next boating adventure and use it to explore a body of water that larger vessels cannot navigate through.
  • The ESUP™ is a great compact dinghy when you need to make a quick trip to the shore.
  • Coaching support for triathletes, swimmers, and SUP instructors.
  • Add the ESUP™ to your rental fleet and stand-out from the other rental businesses. 


    2 hrs or 7 miles on full speed
    6 hrs or 14 miles on low speed
Top speed
    4-5 mph on high speed (boat dependent)
Motor weight
    6.5 lbs
Battery weight
    7.5 lbs
Battery voltage
    14.6 volts
Battery capacity
    420 watt hours
Battery chemistry
Battery life
    8-10k miles
Maximum power
    400 watts
    Wireless remote, with variable speed control and forward and reverse
    Manuel steer using paddle.
    150 watt intelligent battery charger.
Fin height
    Replaceable weedless propeller