Going Electric

Best Practices

Please take the time to closely familiarize yourself with the ElectraFin® Owner’s Manual, instructional videos, and the following best practices to help you get the most enjoyment from your new ElectraFin®. Do not operate your ElectraFin® without reading and understanding the owner’s manual and best practices completely. Contact Current Drives, Inc. for more information or if you have any questions.

Updated Owner’s Manual

Be sure to check the official Current Drives website regularly to ensure you have the most updated owner’s manual and instructional materials. The latest version of the manual can be found on this page and is available for immediate download HERE 

Included Components

Each ElectraFin kit comes standard with the following components: 
  1. Remote
  2. ElectraFin®
  3. Control Case
  4. Battery Charger
  5. 16.8 Volt Li-Ion Battery
  6. 2 Spare Remote Batteries
  7. Replacement Rubber Boot for Switch
  8. ElectraFin Mounting Screw and Plate
  9. 4 Rubber Stick On Bungee Mounts
  10. 2 Shock Cords With Mounting Clips
  11. Spare 30 Amp Controller Fuse
  12. Contact Cleaner Wipe
  13. Charger Owners Manual
  14. Owners Manual

General Product Overview

Watch the Electric Ride Review segment on the ElectraFin® to learn more about the main components, and a review by first time user below. 


For assembly instructions, study the owner’s manual and refer to these instructional videos for basic tips:

Note: The EFIN mounts into many common types of stand-up paddleboards safely and securely. If you have any questions or are unsure if the ElectraFin kit is correctly installed on your paddle board before use, do not hesitate to contact Current Drives for guidance.

Getting Started

Before your first use please refer to Section 4 (Operation) in the owners manual. Study this section carefully to learn about the necessary steps to get up and running safely 

  1. Be sure to fully charge your battery before first use. You can charge the battery using either the 4 pin plug on the back of the white control case, or by plugging the charger directly into the internal removable battery pack. The ElectraFin battery pack will arrive partially charged and needs to be fully charged before first use. The charger is designed to work interchangeably on both 110 and 220 V 50/60 Hz AC outlets. Contact Current Drives for specific non-US country plugs.
  2. Before use, ensure the loose connector within the white control case is secured to the removable battery pack.
  3. Follow all steps in owners manual and heed all notices, cautions, warnings and dangers. 
  4. Plan your trips and make sure you are always within range of your final destination in case you have to paddle back without assistance of the motor. In case of battery depletion or product malfunction you MUST always ensure you will be able to safely return back safely.
  5. There is a 3 second automatic acceleration curve built into the ElectraFin motor controller. What this means is at any speed setting on the remote, between 0 and 99% speed, when you press forward or reverse, it will take 3 seconds for the motor to ramp up to full speed. This helps smooth out the ride and reduces the strain on the rider when the ElectraFin accelerates quickly.
  6. The ElectraFin is designed to track in a straight line making touring and traveling much easier then with a non-powered fin . This also means normal steering practices are more difficult then on a non-powered board. The two techniques we recommend to make turning easier include moving further back on the board when turning (this really makes it turn on a dime) or turning off the power before attempting to turn, then reapplying the power once pointed in the correct direction. 

Once your ready it is time for you to go SUP, or ESUP that is! 

ElectraFin® FAQ's

Is there a warranty? 

Yes. Every ElectraFin® comes with a one year warranty. The warranty covers any issues caused by manufacturing defects for one year from the date of receipt. Damage caused by abuse or wear and tear are not covered under this warranty. The ElectraFin® is very durable, but for rider safety the ElectraFin® should not be operated around rocks or other shallow water obstacles.

Is the ElectraFin® durable?

Very. The fin is constructed of no-break polycarbonate which has exceptional impact and wear resistance. The curve of the fin helps to clear weeds and reduce the effect of impact, and the propeller guard protects the propeller in case of accidental operation or contact with foreign objects while spinning.

How long does the battery last? 

The Electrafin® will run for approximately two hours on high and six hours on low. Not only is the ElectraFin the only universal conversion kit for SUP, but it's also the longest lasting! 

Is the ElectraFin® safe to use? 

The following features maximize user safety out on the water:

  • A propeller guard protects riders, marine life, and other persons from injury from the spinning propeller.
  • The safety stop leash cuts off power when the rider is removed from the watercraft.
  • The battery pack uses an industrial marine grade management system, and has intelligent battery monitoring circuitry to provide safe operation in wet environments.

How much noise does the ElectraFin® make? 

It is virtually silent. When the electric motor and propeller are fully submerged, all you can hear is the small wake of water produced behind your watercraft.

Is the ElectraFin® designed for surfing waves?

No. The ElectraFin® is for flat water use only. The system was developed with the explorer in mind. The fin allows you to travel further, combat poor conditions, and allow those with limitations to get out and enjoy the water. It is not designed for use in surf or white water. 

How much weight does the ElectraFin® kit add to my watercraft? 

The Electrafin® is the lightest and easiest to transport electric conversion kit for small personal watercraft, adding only 16.4 pounds. Before transport, the kit can be removed with a few simple steps. The ElectraFin weighs 7.4 pounds and the battery/control case weighs 9 pounds.

How long does the battery last? 

The waterproof lithium battery lasts for approximately 1000 cycles or approximately 4,000 hours out on the water. The owner’s manual outlines the proper methods for charging, care, and storage to maximize the life of your battery pack.

How do you recharge the battery pack? 

Every ElectraFin® comes with a high speed wall charger, which plugs into any 120 or 240 volt power outlet.

How far can I go?

The high capacity 420 watt hour Samsung lithium-ion battery pack provides power for 2 hours at full speed and up to 6 hours at reduced speeds. By adjusting the top speed on the remote with the “increase” and “decrease” buttons users can set the speed anywhere between 0-99% in 1% increments.

How fast can I go?

The ElectraFin® runs at a top speed of 4.5-5mph (7.2-8kph) depending on your personal watercraft and operating conditions.

How do you steer?

Steering is performed just as you would normally steer on a traditional SUP. With the addition of the motor you can also lean to turn to make small gentle turns without your paddle.

Can I paddle and use the motor at the same time?

Absolutely! The ElectraFin was developed with this in mind, in order to create a hybrid human/electric system where the user can paddle as much or as little as they like.

Can you charge it by paddling?

No but you can assist the motor and extend your range. When you paddle with the motor running, you are assisting the motor and reducing the power consumption of the ElectraFin. The more you paddle the further you go!

How do I know how much further I can go?

There is a 10 bar LED guage on the top of the ElectraFin control case which provides visibility into how much power remains in the ElectraFin battery pack. The owner’s manual describes how to interpret this gauge.

How much power does it have?

The ElectraFin has a peak power of 475 watts and the average power consumption at top speed is 260 watts.

Is assembly required?

The ElectraFin mounts into your paddleboard in the same way a traditional longboard/SUP fin mounts. A finger screw is provided eliminating the need for any tools. Installation for most users takes less than one minute.

Tips, Tricks, and Additional Info

The ElectraFin® is an incredibly efficient lightweight drive system. Going electric means more than just silent operation. Here are some commonly asked questions and benefits of going electric as well as best 

Charging: Charge anywhere. Charging the ElectraFin™ is extremely convenient. Plug it in at home to any standard wall outlet, or harness the power of the sun and plug it in to the waterproof solar charger.

How long does it take to charge? With the included standard six amp charger the ElectraFin recharges in less than two hours for most trips and five hours from a full battery depletion. The charger automatically turns off when charging is complete and can be plugged into to any standard power outlet, 110 and 220 volts 50/60 Hz.

Left: Red Light-Plugged into the ElectraFin® battery but not plugged into a standard wall outlet.
Middle: Double Red Light- Charging
Right: Green and Red Light- Charge complete

Cost savings: Travel 10 miles with ½ kilowatt hour. That’s ten miles for less than a dime in electricity costs. Or charge off-grid with the solar panel.

Environment: Fewer emissions. The 100% electric drive system significantly reduces CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency: At over 900 MPG the ElectraFin® cuts down energy consumption in a big way. Conventional gas powered trolling motors provide 10 miles per gallon or less.

Range: Long range and low cost. Depending on the conditions you can expect to extend your range with electric assistance.

One of the first questions asked is, as you would expect, how far?

Range varies based on many factors such as water conditions, rider, weather, and board type. At full speed most users get over two hours and six miles of use. At reduced speeds your range and time on the water can be greatly extended. The 420 Watt Hour Lithium battery pack provides exceptional range for all of your outdoor adventures, and the quick swap option allows you to extend your range. Go the distance!

Legality: Many bodies of water have now banned the use of motorized boats using internal combustion engines, but still allow electric powered motors to operate. The future is electric, however it is our responsibility as early adopters to ensure the use of motorized watercraft on any river, lake, or other body of water follows the local, state, and federal laws covering these bodies of water.

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