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Mike Radenbaugh and Marimar White-Espin of company Current Drives pitch their product, the ElectraFin, on the premiere episode of CNBC’s Adventure Capitalists. The two worked together developing electric bikes in the Northwest before developing an electric-motored stand-up paddleboard. Mike Radenbaugh and Marimar White-Espin

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Its tough to tell whether San Diegans love summertime or watersports more. In Monday night's Zevely Zone, Jeff takes the equivalent of an electric bike for a spin on Mission Bay.


ElectraFin offers extra propulsion for paddleboarders: As stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) continue to gain popularity, we're seeing something happen with them that always seems to happen with popular items – manufacturers are augmenting them. Just this week we heard about a modular SUP, which joins the ranks of ones that fold, and that can be converted into a tent. Now, Seattle-based Current Drives is offering an electric motor for SUPs, known as the ElectraFin.

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The ElectraFin offers Paddle Assist support for stand-up paddle boarding with electric prop power. It's an electric prop designed to convert most stand-up paddle boards into an "ESUP" capable of ~5 mph speeds. Extremely quiet operation, highly adjustable speed settings (1-99), reverse mode, wireless remote that attaches directly to your paddle oar. Works with standard US fin boxes or slide-in designs (with adapter), built with marine parts including stainless steel screws sacrificial anode plate, solid one year warranty. Lots of cool accessories including a solar panel charger, electric air pump (for inflatable SUPs) and a deck seat.


One of the coolest products I’ve seen lately is the ElectraFin designed by Seattle based company Current Drives. The ElectraFin is an electric conversion kit that works with any stand up paddle board. It is an electric powered motor under 10 horsepower that is totally silent, is battery powered and emits zero emissions. The Electric fin can be controlled by a wireless remote control that attaches to your paddle and can go as fast as 4.5-5 mph (7.2-8 kph). With the remote control you are not only able to control the speed but also whether you go forward or backwards.


Seattle Company Creates Electric Powered Fin for SUP: Seattle based company, Current Drives LLC, has created the first universal electric motor kit for standup paddleboards, longboards, and kayaks, called the ElectraFin, which can transform a normal board or kayak into an electric powered one, and is now available on their Indiegogo page for purchase.


THE ELECTRAFIN FOR POWERED STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS!: Normally you would think that a paddle board is exactly that, but ElectraFin will change that by providing an electrically powered fin built into the board. It does not stop there though, the entry level board is inflatable and can easily be carried around in its own rucksack, but there is a conversion kit where a standard surfboard or Kayak, so the ElectraFin board power kit is very versatile indeed. The entry level board comprises of the Current Drives custom inflatable stand up paddle board, with the following features; it has a high volume hand pump with built in pressure gauge. It comes with a heavy duty board backpack, the essential patch kit and the two piece aluminium paddle kit.

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For standup paddleboarders, it's all about the exercise and the feel of gliding over the waves of a nearby body of water. Yet sometimes those paddleboarders need an extra push to truly enjoy this fast-growing outdoor activity. That's what Current Drives, a Seattle-based tech startup, is offering with its technology: the ElectraFin, a waterproof electric drive system for paddleboards, longboards and kayaks that works in both fresh and salt water.


The ElectraFin is very easy to install and can be fitted onto most boards and kayaks on the market. It is controlled with a wireless remote connected to user’s wrist or paddle. The electric motor propels kayakers and paddlers for six hours on a single charge, allowing them fight against current and wind and go further than before.


This is a silent, zero emission, battery-powered electric drive system that turns s any stand-up paddleboard, longboard, or kayak into a human-electric hybrid. It installs in less than a minute and is controlled with a marine-grade wireless remote control on your wrist or paddle. You’re looking at a top speed of about 4-5 mph, and the waterproof battery lasts 6 hours on a single charge.