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Water coming into contact with the connectors used on the ElectraFin can lead to corrosion and damage to the ElectraFin if not treated. Using the supplied contact cleaner wipe can help ensure your connectors have a long life, but there are additional contact cleaner products which can be used to extend the life of your connectors, especially when using the ElectraFin in salt and brackish bodies of water. Follow the steps in this video to clean and protect the ElectraFin gold plated connectors. Contact Current Drives, Inc. for more information or with any questions. The products used in this instructional video can be found using the following links:

Remote Pairing Instructions

Wireless Remote Pairing Instructions Technical Support Video: You can connect any ElectraFin remote to your control case using the simple steps in this video. This is useful when your remote is damaged, or you want to bring a spare remote with you just in case. For a text version of this tutorial, click HERE

Bungee Mounts Installation

The following instructions will help you mount our stick on bungee system.

Step 1. Place battery pack in the back of the board. The battery pack postion should allow the motor cable to reach the battery pack. With the battery in the ideal location, we can begin to map out where the stick on mounts should go.

Step 2. Without revealing the sticky portion of the mount, place each mount at one corner of the battery box. Like the image, the mounts should be spread away from the battery by roughly an inch or more. The mounts should be on the actual board, not the foam.

Step 3. One mount at a time remove the protective film and firmly press the mount to the board for 60 seconds.

Step 4. Take one of the two bungee cords. Feed one end of the bungee cord through the string of a mount. Now feed the same end of the cord though the mount on the other side of the board. Repeat for second cord.

Step 5. Each bungee cord has two clips. On the battery there is a mount on each corner. One mount for each clip. Hook each clip onto the closest mount of the battery

Step 6. All done! At this point you should have four mounts on your board. The mounts should have bungee cords running through them, and the hooks on the bungee cords should be attached to the mounts on the battery.