Technical Support

Connector Cleaning Instructions

Water coming into contact with the connectors used on the ElectraFin can lead to corrosion and damage to the ElectraFin if not treated. Using the supplied contact cleaner wipe can help ensure your connectors have a long life, but there are additional contact cleaner products which can be used to extend the life of your connectors, especially when using the ElectraFin in salt and brackish bodies of water. Follow the steps in this video to clean and protect the ElectraFin gold plated connectors. Contact Current Drives, Inc. for more information or with any questions. The products used in this instructional video can be found using the following links:

Mini Brush Applicator:

Spray Bottle:

Squeeze Tube:


Remote Pairing Instructions

Wireless Remote Pairing Instructions Technical Support Video: You can connect any ElectraFin remote to your control case using the simple steps in this video. This is useful when your remote is damaged, or you want to bring a spare remote with you just in case. If you pair a new remote with your control case, the original remote will still remain paired. For a text version of these pairing instructions click HERE