The base price of the Hammocraft only includes the HammoCraft frame, perfect for those folks who already own floatable devices and all the hammocks necessary to have a great day on the lake. If you need 2 boards you can add them under the paddleboard tab above. You can also choose to add two ESUP kits.

Frame Specs

(4) 304 stainless steel polished corner connectors

(4) 6061 aluminum pipes for base

(4) 6061 extra strong aluminum pipes for upright support with slot and knot system for easy hammock attachment and height adjustment

(4) cinch straps with zinc plated cam buckle to attach frame to float-able of choice

weight capacity: 900 lbs

frame weight: 59 lbs

frame dimensions: 7’2” wide x 7’2” deep x 3’8” tall

Meet the world's most blissful experience on water.

What do you get when you combine air and metal? Hybrid schemes have always been our thing: In high school, we were tandem thrill-skeekers and contraption-tinkers, finding joy outdoors but also inside workshops shooting sparks and repurposing junk piles. Our first hammock craft fulfilled our twin fascination with relaxation and transportation. Summer 2006, we welded a hammock frame to the side of a rusted-out 1973 Toyota truck – our take on a recreational vehicle. Float-flying at breakneck speeds fueled our lust for invention. Next came hammock bikes and trikes for Burning Man – perfect for pedaling around in dust storms. Weary of asphalt and dust, we took to the water.

In the Hammocraft, we’ve found the ultimate balance of thrill and chill. Easy to transport and assemble, we can set sail in a matter of minutes and float the day away. We promise: Our passion will become yours as soon as you step aboard a Hammocraft.

Hammocraft Frame

For those folks who already own floatable devices and all the hammocks necessary to have a great day on the lake. The Hammocraft frame is designed for easy transport and installation on land and water.


Already own 2-5 hammocks? No problem. This kit includes our signature frame and two paddle boards. The frame will easily hang parachute nylon hammocks that range in length from 9'6" to 11'6".

Hammocraft Frame PLUS TWO ESUPS 

This kit includes our signature frame. This Kit also includes two Electrafin powered paddleboards. With this setup, you can sit back in your hammock, and rely on the power of the elctrafin to propel you.

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